CyanBook V0.4

A custom Cyanogenmod 9 based rom for Micromax Funbook !

Features :

  • FaceUnlock Works
  • Full Market support
  • Bluetooth USB dongle
  • PS3/ Xbox 360 and Generic Gamepads Support
  • USB Audio Support.
  • Gtalk Video Support
  • Various Battery Mods
  • SmartAss V2 Governor
  • Apex Launcher
  • Kernel SamePage Merging (KSM) enabled Kernel
  • Build Fingerprint set to Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Fast and Smooth
  • V6 supercharger and Adrenaline Scripts Included


Battery Add Ons :

Gauge Battery Mod by Nihar.G :

HoneyComb Battery Mod by Nihar.G : 

Digital Numbers Battery Mod by Nihar.G : 

How to install :

  1. Download CyanBook V0.4 and Gapps.
  2. Place the downloaded files on ur External SD card
  3. Make sure u have installed CWM Recovery
  4. Boot to Recovery.
  5. Backup your current rom.
  6. Wipe data/Factory Reset
  7. Go to advanced>> Wipe Dalvik Cache
  8. Install from SD Card >> Install Cyanbook v0.4
  9. Install from SD Card >> Install Gapps
  10. Reboot and Rejoice.



22 thoughts on “CyanBook V0.4

  1. Just a random question:

    I have the micromax funbook and i have a problem where it auto shutdowns at 30 % battey level.This seems to be a common problem in the funbook.Does flashing the funbook with this ROM by any chance solve this problem ?

    • Hi Ryan, I am not too sure but some users have reported that flashing the ROM…charging 100% and then clearing battery stats from cwm recovery solved the early shutdown issue for them. However I haven’t faced the issue so I cannot say anything for sure 🙂

      • I cleared the battery stats,let me wait and see if that resolves my problem.I remember the tab used to auto reboot at 15 % when i bought it and now its 30,i don’t want it to become 60 later on.

        Btw,Id like to try out cyanbook 4.0,is there a detailed featured list that i can take a look at ? Thanks for the suggestion btw.

      • Lets hope the battery wipe works for u .
        Well apart for the features mentioned in the post, you can look up for CM9 features on google

    • No, u don’t have to unzip them. You place them on extsd. Boot to recovery, backup your current rom , wipe data/factory reset , install zip from SD card, choose the rom zip.. once done, again select install zip from SD card, Choose the gapps zip.. and you are done..:)

  2. few quirks that i have come across so far..

    The camera zoom doesn’t work – I can live with that though

    I installed one of the battery packs from the above link and strangely what i see in the battery gauge is different from what i see in settings > battery . There is a difference of 4-5 % – I can live with that as well 😉 nevertheless this a fantastic ROM,kudos to the developer.

    Are there any other cool thing that i can try on this? I am giving Linux a try from here.

    • Check the following links:



  3. Hi Ryan,
    Let us know whether installing Cyanbook v0.4 has solved ur problem of auto shutdown because me & so many people like me are facing the same problem.
    I googled a lot but found that everybody is lodging complains only but still there is no satisfactory/solid/definite reason and remedial action for this problem still now. Some people have came out with different ideas but no one is able to confirm that why this problem is occurring to so many users and what is the final remedy for that. i think Micromax must be aware of this fact and they should research and come out with the true reason and it’s remedial action, instead of hiding their face behind. How an international and reputed(?) company can be so irresponsible and dumb that they are not bothered at all after a wide complaint of a newly launched product? The sale of this erratic product should be stopped immediately till the remedy is discovered by the company and rectified by the service centers. Thanks.

    • dear manas,
      could u finally be able to solve this intriguing, frustrating problem. needless to mention, i too am facing the same problem. please update me by mailing me at awaiting your reply. thanks.

  4. after flashing cynabook, lock the tab,after the some time (3hr) i back to for playing games at that time the tab not work ,its switched off automattically. by switchon the tab it work.. i faced this problem two times (actually i have battary life above 50%)

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